another question from yours truly: double jumping

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  • I looked around and couldnt find a way to double jump properly. I tried to figure it out on my own and geez you shouldve seen the mess I made. can someone give me step by step instructions on this?

    And on a side note I feel I have to apologize to everyone because I've been asking so many questions in such a short amount of time. I really dont want anyone to hold my hand thru this project Im working on but as I have almost no experience in this sorta thing I feel like I have no choice. Yea, I know this is THE place to ask questions but I still feel a bit guilty for asking so many....

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  • Deadeye describes it in his tutorials.

  • Your right he does, but I think i missed it cuz like I dummy I was using 0.99 and DUH the tutorial doesnt work right with that version. I'll look it over one more time...thanks.

  • A couple things might be broke or inaccurate for v0.99.+ but the basic theory behind the double-jump will work the same

    You should go through the tut using 0.98.9 though... the player controls are all broke (unless you want to go through each control event and change all the controls to Player 1 ).

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