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  • It seems Construct alone is giving me some information about my computer. When I start a new DirectX game and check Application properties, under "Effects", and specifically "Shader Version", it says "PS 0.0" and it's greyed out.

    This isn't specifically a Construct problem, but I WOULD like to be able to do more Construct stuff. Is there some way to enable my computer or video card to be able to have SOME kind of pixel shader? Maybe something can be done by searching for video drivers or something? ^_^;;

  • Unless you're using some 15 year old gfx card, I'd bet it's a driver problem, particularly if it isn't a Construct problem alone.

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  • If it says pixel shader version 0.0, then your graphics card doesn't support pixel shaders. You can to emulate pixel shaders with 3d-Analyzer. It allows emulation of features not available with your graphics card.

    Run 3d-Analyzer select Construct.exe and check "emulate pixel shader caps" and run.

    Construct will now think you have pixel shader 3.0.

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