A Question about music looping

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  • Hello~

    I'm trying to use construct but how do you guys make music loop where it repeats a particular segment of the song rather than repeating the whole song?

    if I explained it wrong then...

    Whole song plays

    loops not from the beginning.

    I looked everywhere about it but I'm seem to be stuck, I'm sorry for posting in either/:

    a.) wrong section

    b.) already been answered

    Thank you~

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  • I haven't tried this but:

    new event -> compare, then compare channel position to a time near the end of the song.

    Then for the action go to the xaudio2 then choose 'set position' to set the position of the song to where you want the start of the loop to be.

  • what alspal said, but do pay attention to the loading, as music actions don't let you do much with it (I've requested some).

    You'd have to load the music as a sound in memory, which means no mp3, no streaming.

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