Question about loading and unloading textures

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  • I've used the Load/unload layout textures action before, but I've never been able to determine if using this really made any difference in the speed at which layouts load.

    For example, I'd do this:

    Layout 1 would be a loading screen that runs for 15 seconds, with it set to load the textures of layout 2.

    I have two questions:

    1. Does anyone do this? And if so, have you gotten any noticeable results from it?

    2. If I input an action in layout 1 to load a the texture in layout 2, should I be setting the texture of layout 2 to unload once layout 2 ends? Or is the unloading just an automatic thing that happens when a layout ends?

  • 1 - I think you could use it only when making a big game (lots of graphics) - means, I've never needed to use it.

    2 - Loading/unloading happens automatically by your graphic card. When you switch layouts, graphics from previous layout is still in the vram and stays there in case it's needed again. New graphics from new layout pushes old one out if there is not enough space anymore (depends on the size of vram). To answer your question, unloading happens automatically, but not by ending a layout. If you really wanted to empty the memory, you'd have to use the action you mentioned.

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  • Thanks, Noga. Good info there. It seems like something no one really uses in Construct because like you mentioned most Construct games aren't graphics monsters. I was hoping to get some kind of speed advantage because I am working on some projects that do require some heavy graphic content.

    To allude to something I talked about earlier, I have used the load/unload texture function in another project last year, but I could never determine if it was making a difference. Perhaps I need to set up some kind of speed test.

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