question about alpha/transparency filling.

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  • I just got construct. I used to use mmf2 and tgf. In those programs, when designing a sprite you had the option to fill or color with transparency, or alpha. you know, invisibleness. you could select it as a color. i can't seem to find that in construct. could someone tell me please?


  • Just select the part you want to be transparent and delete it.

  • I guess that editing alpha channel directly (as a greyscale picture) would be useful for this purpose. You could "paint" transparency and opaquency. (<- Is this the right word :D... )

  • Just select the part you want to be transparent and delete it.


    There's a tool called "Color Select" that selects all of one color. Use that and hit "delete."

  • Oh, I misunderstood the original poster. :D Well, alpha channel editing would be useful for other purposes, still.

    Edit: Ahaha, I double-misread the post. First I got it right, then saw Deadeyes first reply and was like "oh, he asked that" :DD

  • Oh, I misread the post too. I thought it said "fill a color with transparency" but it says "fill or color with transparency."

    Well, I guess if you want to "color with transparency" you could use the eraser . It has the same settings as the brush.

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  • Oh I see...

    You can change the opacity for whatever tool you are using.

  • I paint every pic on different editor and make everything i want transparent purple or something like that and it automatically makes it invicible

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