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  • I have a problem using python. I have a python script in my cap that uses xml.dom.minidom , and I get an error message when running my game:

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "<string>", line 2 in <module>

    ImportError: No module named xml.dom.minidom

    I got this to work before, but I had to reinstall my pc recently, and now I can't get it to work anymore.

    I have python 2.6.6 installed in c:\python6\ , and the lib\xml\dom\ is right there.

    What am I missing? It's driving me nuts.

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  • Sorry for bumping an old thread, just making sure that anybody who wants the solution will find as much info as they can get.

    I recently run into the "no module" ImportError, and figured out this:

    • CC comes with some of the modules preloaded in the ..CC\DATA\Python directory
    • some of it, like my base64 module are missing
    • download Python 2.6, install it, find the modules that you're lacking
    • if you have only *.py files, you have to convert them into *.pyc files (probably)
    • to do that, use Python! [import py_compile / py_compile.compile("")]
    • copy the *.pyc file (module) that you're missing into ..CC\DATA\Python directory
    • import and enjoy, should work :)

    My original problem and the extended solution:


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