Python Any way to control custom movement?

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  • Hi

    I have searched and searched and for the life of me cannot find any way to set maybe like the horizontal speed which you can by events, but by python?

    Is it documented anywhere what things you can access?

    it would be great if someone could point me in the right direction.

    as far as I got is on the wiki it mentions the Bullet behavior so I think it must be possible:

    SOL.SpriteBullet.Speed = 30

    update good god wow solved:


    and i have no idea why it takes 3 arguments, but the names of this stuff are in the headers files

  • It takes 3 arguments since the action takes 3.

    The first argument is a combo which is just a number index in python:

    0: set

    1: add to

    2: accelerate

    3: deccelerate

    The second and third are speed and orientation.

    Other than looking at the plugin headers to find the python names of ACEs I also utilize pyshell with the dir() function to browse for the names. For the arguments I look at the ACEs in the event editor.

    Numbers and strings are the same in python.

    Combos are just number indexes.

    ObjectTypes are either an oid number or a string of the object name.

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  • thanks for your informative replies as ever,

    the dir() function looks like what I need, I never got along with PyShell but I dropped dir() in my normal code and wow!

    this dir command is going to help me out with other stuff to wow, incredibly useful I just chuck objects in it, finally can check out the grid movement because that didn't have any header files

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