PyGTK for Windows Form?

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  • Trying to make a game that has a Windows menu bar but Construct Classic doesn't seem to have a working editor so I decided I would look into python scripts.

    Took me some time but I found PyGTK which seem to do what I want but the question is, is that the best/most relevant library to use? I mean there are tonnes of others out there but all I can find was this.

    Any suggestions of whether this is the right choice or is there a more suited one? Also I'd like to know how to import it into construct. Do I just place the relevant dlls into the right folder to enable me to import it into the scripts or is it abit more complicated than that?

  • Pretty sure you cant import anything gui into the construct window, but you can open other windows .

  • Pretty sure you cant import anything gui into the construct window, but you can open other windows .

    Yes you can open other windows (perhaps a transparent one too :), you could do an overlay on the Construct Window so it appears that what you are displaying is in the same window..I think Rojo showed a .cap of this. I haven't tried it myself.

    As far as using PyGTK read the tutorials on this link:

  • You can actually, but it's a bit low level using the windows api.

    There's a python example for a menu bar here:

    It's admittedly a bit noisy in the bit for defining the menu, but it should be straightforward.

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  • I have no idea most of what is in the script but it works and I figured out how to control the menu. All I need to do now is know how to add the tick boxes in the menu and small windows forms to appear when you click those. I guess there's a doc or something like that right?

    I guess I'll try to find it and learn how the rest works. Man I regret not spending some time reading C++ book. Dang.


    Just realized its in C... gah, back to past anyone?

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