Putting edit box below an cursor object

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  • I have an edit box see, and I can't get it to be below an object that I made as a cursor in my game. I tried putting it to the lowest layer and poof, nothing happens. HEYYLLPPA!

  • The Windows edit box? Well, things like that tend to stay on top of everything drawn in DX9. It is lame, I know

  • Crazy thought:

    Would it be possible to make a fake edit box, which isn't actually an edit box. By that I mean have the real edit box but hidden somewhere, then once you give focus to the fake edit box, it's actually giving focus to the real and hidden edit box. Then have the fake one output whatever is written in the real edit box. That way the fake one would sit nicely under your custom cursor while the offending real one will be hidden and not getting in the way, but you'll still be basically using it, which if anything else in your game NEEDS the real thing available to work correctly, will continue to work correctly.

    There's probably a far easier way of solving it than that, but I haven't had my morning coffee yet

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  • Could someone teach me how to make a fake editbox? And another thing, is there another way of inputting text besides the editbox?

  • Here's an example(made in 99.7. I'll remake it in an older version if you need that):

    Custom Edit Box Example

    It just uses an offscreen edit box, a text box to display the contents of said box, and a box to show the border. Click the box to set the focus on the edit box and click off it to set the focus off.

    I hope this helps.

  • there's also the spritefont plugin

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