Properties of spawned objects

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  • Construct seems to act weird when spawning new objects.

    For example:

    I have a Bullet object I created on one layout and I'm using it on another layout too (and it'll be used on pretty much every layout since it's a bullet...). I was on the second layout and changed the properties of the bullet to make it bigger. When bullets shoot from the gun, they are set to the properties of the bullet object created on the first layout and therefore, the bullet size did not change.

    This seems...bad. Is there a way to actually control these objects besides remembering which object was originally created on which layout? Maybe there could be added a control thing to change properties of the "Object Base" rather than having the base object contained in one of the layouts? =/

  • Why don't you just set the size on creation?

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  • Because they should really spawn the correct size, not make me change it every time one spawns. Anyway, I found a way to work around this whole thing.

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