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  • Hello all, I'm somewhat new to the Construct program. I like Construct because it was simple for me to learn, and I hope to advance my skills in the future. I am in the midst of making a simple game where zombie come at your barricade, and you shoot them. I have a progress bar that goes up every time you kill a zombie. How can I finish the layout when the bar reaches 100? Thanks for the help, when I'm done, I'll post it here.

    P.S Is there any way to establish ammo in the game? Like every time you Left Click, your ammo goes down, when it hits 0 you need to reload? Not as important, but it would add a good function to my game.

    Thanks for the help!

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  • Use private variables for all these things. Try the ghost shooter tutorial, I think it should answer most simple questions like these. Welcome to the forums!

  • Thanks for the welcome and reply, I'll try out the Ghost Shooter, it has helped me before, it'll probably help me again!

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