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  • My question is in regards to the note at the bottom of the information page where the use of Prof-UIS as the interface library in Construct is mentioned, and how we must buy our own licenses to use it in our games-- First, I would like to know which of the many licenses we need to purchase in order to use the same interface you used. Second, and more importantly given the high price of Prof-UIS licenses, how would one go about implementing a different UI library for Construct? Would such a change alter all the excellent WYSIWYG features used in event/action creation and graphics design etc.? I'd love to be able to use Construct without paying 300+ dollars for a professional UI library! Just out of curiosity, if it is possible to implement a different UI library and retain Construct's full functionality do you have any recommendations for free/affordable UI libraries [affordable <= $100]?

    Thank you!

    Jeff Creswell

    Co-president of CresCo Games

  • What part of it would you use to make a game?

  • I think that the construct ui is built using that library, not the games and apps you produce with construct

  • lucid

    So basically that caveat is directed at people who intend to alter or borrow from the source code of Construct for their own engines, as opposed to those of us just using the Construct engine to make applications? [less important but just out of curiosity...] How about if we want to make C++ plugins using the SDK-- does this licensure issue limit extensibility?



    Co-president of CresCo Games

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  • Lucid is right - basically, because the source code is open, some Prof-UIS files are available on the CVS. However, you cannot download these and go and use them in other C++ projects. Since none of these files are at all used in neither the runtime nor the plugin SDK (which deliberately hides all UI code) then you don't need to worry about Prof-UIS licences at all if you're distributing a game or plugin.

    In retrospect it was a bad decision to go with Prof-UIS - since we have to pay for upgrades, which is always difficult for an open source project. But since we made the decision MFC (a free library with Visual Studio) now has the same features - so in Construct 2, we'll definitely be using that.

  • Thanks, that's great to hear! Keep up the awesome work guys-- I can't wait for the big 1.0!

  • Well it has one (I guess) unintended benefit. Since Construct is open source any one can compile the program, package it as their own then sell it.... as long as the source code is included. But since you need the proprietary library, any one who intended to do that would be stuck with having to pay for that license first.

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