Probobly a basic problem

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  • Alright, so I'm new, and this might be an easy problem.

    I'm making a stage select. I have a background image with the stages, and have created unique sprites that are basically white boxes on top of them, with the opacity lowered to 0 so that they're not seen.

    I have the mouse set to always show, and on each click, create a small object (again a small white box with 0 opacity, because i couldn't figure out how to make an object react when it was clicked.)

    In the event editor, i entered On Collision between the two objects, system: go to Layout 2 with transition "None" lasting 0 MS.

    But when i test it out, the layouts dont change. I moved the opacity around, even made the objects solid, but the layout stays the same.

    Any ideas?

  • Insert the mouse & keyboard object, and you can detect if the user has clicked on an object.

    Areas of transparency don't count as being able to collide or be clicked on. Are you sure you're not clicking a transparent area?

    Finally, you could upload your .cap file so we can take a look.

  • I looked and it looks like the keyboard/mouse is inserted, but still cant seem to make a event condition for an object to be clicked. My click creating an object and hoping the two would collide was just a workaround

    Alright, I'll try to upload the .cap file but I'm not sure exactly how to do that! It doesn't look like I can add attachments. I uploaded it to Mediafire and you can access it at this link:

    To learn more about construct, I'm making a fake Mega Man game, using sprites and screens. Please let me know your advice!

  • Go to the Mouse/Keyboard object and select the "On object clicked" event, then select the object that you want to be clicked. Then add a "goto next layout" action to go to the next screen.

  • Thanks! It worked...


    2 problems emerged.

    1) It works in "debug all" mode, but crashes when I try to run the layouts.

    2) I cant seem to stop Select.mid from playing.

    Link to the new .cap ... b9a8902bda

    I appreciate the help though!

    • Justin
  • I was gonna check it out but the link is dead

  • Yeah, I can't access it. File is set to private!

  • This link doesnt work?

    I just tried it again. And as always, thanks for your help

    - Justin

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  • do you know any other free file host maybe? I'd gladly use something more reliable!

    I'm also trying to convert the mid file to an mp3, as i was having difficulty pausing the sound.

  • is the one I've been pimping around. It's nice and simple. One click upload, one click download, no annoying ads*. is good, too.

    * At least, until it becomes more popular, like mediafire did

  • cool, thanks!

    lets try it again then: ... aFake2.cap

    It looks like the layers work when everything is run!

    I was wondering if someone can help me get the 2nd mp3 to stop playing (the stage select) when a stage is selected.

    thanks for all the help

  • i've been trying to work around the sound issue but still cant figure it out.

    basically i'm trying to stop the stage select song and start another song on a new layer.

    are there certain types of music files that work better than others?

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