problems replicating object

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  • Why is it so difficult to repeat the same object with their characteristics remained independent of the original? .

    It is a problem that will make me forget construct

    Anyone have time to help me fix my cap serious?

    sorry for my English

  • This seems to be a different game/issue so I'm not sure of the problem you're having. If it's still the issue of the skeleton z order then I highly recommend doing a work-around/testing re-ordering your events and using families/for each object loops to find a solution, then simplify from there.

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  • In this game I haven�t problems with the bones because I will not put depth z since I have seen that it is impossible to work with bones and repeat enemies at depth z .The problem is object "saltoagarre" to jump to the platforms. The player on the ground and jump to saltoagarre goes to the highest platform.

  • hi.

    i only had little time to check the .cap, and im afraid im not much use, since i havent ever tried to do edgeclimbing,but..

    it seems like that is a picking issue what youre describing.

    have you tried adding a condition "pick closest to ?player?" (or something like that) somewhere there?

  • How can i use continuous mouse clicking for my character movement by using construct 2?

    I am developing a Space game where in i need to use mouse events for my character movement.

    It should be continuous left clicking or right, or else the character will fall down and looses the game. By, clicking continuously left click the character will move or else will fall down.

    Please, help me friends, it is very urgent & i need to give a basic prototype to my client.

    help meeeeeeeeee..

    Thank you in advance.

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