2 Problems!!

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  • Here's another one for you.

    I'm using Construct 99.97 for a project which uses the latest Noise plugin by arsonide.

    It all works fine when run from within the editor, but after exporting to an .EXE, it comes up with the "failed to load plugin c:\users......5.csx (126)" error.

    Now I'm not sure if that refers to the Noise plugin or not, but searching on these forums shows that the cause was seemingly never revealed to those that had this problem, and apparently not fixed either.

    So, I decided to download Construct Classic 2.1 and try it in that.

    This time, Construct won't even load, complaining that the Noise plugin may not be available (even thought it's there).

    So I guess my questions are:

    :: Is there a solution to this error from 9997?

    :: Is the Noise plugin compatible with Classic 2.1, and is the first error solved with Classic 2.1

    Thanks in advance.


  • I had the latter issue when I forgot to put the libnoise.dll in the correct place.

  • I had the latter issue when I forgot to put the libnoise.dll in the correct place.

    Ah, that could well be the problem.

    I remember it had to go in a couple of directories, and I don't think I've copied it over to Classic.

    I just hope that classic doesn't introduce any new bugs to my game.

    Thanks mate.


  • Well, the libnoise.dll fixed the startup (should have realised that was missing, lol), but I get the same (126) error when running the exported .EXE

    I know that the plugins are renamed as a number during runtime, so maybe ROJOhound could tell me which plugin 5.csx relates to?


    EDIT: It does look like it's the noise plugin.

    When examining the 5.csx file in the temp directory, it seems to be the noise.csx renamed, so I'm not sure whether the plugin is to blame or Construct is.


    Although I only use one small aspect of the Noise plugin currently in my game (and that part is easy to reproduce other ways), I had planned on using it's more advanced features for other parts of the game.

    I'll wait a day or two to see if this is fixable before exploring other avenues.

  • Did you put the dll in the same directory as the exe?

  • The plugin isn't loading because it can't find libnoise.dll. Putting libnoise.dll in the same folder as your exported exe should fix it.

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  • Hmm, this is strange!

    When I read your posts, I thought of course I did, it's obvious, but then thought perhaps I hadn't for some reason, and was rather hoping I hadn't.

    Unfortunately, I had, so it wasn't that.

    Maybe something's screwed with my plugins folders.

    The problem is, whenever there's an update to Construct, I don't immediately update, but when I do find a version stable enough to update for use with my projects, I tend to copy over the plugins/effects folders each time, and I'm wondering if I have some conflicts going on.

    Also, I've used LibNoise in the past with Python, long before I used this plugin, so perhaps I'm using an old version in my exports folder.

    So, seeing as I'm overdue a proper cleanout of my Construct files, I'm going to start fresh with Classic 2.1 and install the plugins that I need one by one.

    Hopefully that will mean that I have all the right versions of the files, and things will work as planned.

    I'll keep you posted.


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