Problem with VRAM (High VRAM)

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  • Hello everyone !

    Since some days, I have a problem with my VRAM when launching my game. It goes above 120 MB for VRAM and this is a lot... !!! I want to remove some VRAM usage but how can I do this ?

    I think that the problem comes from my "Spell Effect" sprite. There is a lot of animations and frames in... Also can you help me for making a level editor ? This can also help me saving some VRAM !

    Here is my cap file... Please take a look :

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  • Sorry to double post... but I still need help with this, guys !

  • Yep, it's the "Spell Effect" sprite that is using all that vram. Without it the vram usage drops down to about 20 mb.


    You could delete every other frame of it's animations and reduce the vram usage by half, at the expense of having slightly less smooth animations.


    Another solution would be to take the images you imported re-size them by half and re-import them into construct. That would reduce the vram usage to one forth of what it uses now. The quality reduction will not be too noticeable since the animations are of fire and smoke, which are by nature a bit blurry.

    If either of those is not enough you could do both and reduce the usage to one eighth of the current.

  • Thanks a lot for the answer, R0J0hound ! I tried the first method and yes it really does drop the VRAM usage ! I'll try the other solution too ! Thanks .

    But I want to know something else... Can you import animated GIF picture ?? It will be easier for the spell effects !

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