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  • Hi i have problem with sounds, i use audiere plugin and when load sound from file and in moment play when i have for example 300 shot out , 301 sound play is very very noisy (when more shots, noisier) but in 1. sound is normal. What can i do it? I have to delete sound catche? or other? i always load sound, not only play......

  • I don't know much about audiere, but it sounds like digital distortion. This happens if there are too many sounds playing at a too high volume level. Also, using 300 sounds at once is a huge amount. This could swamp the engine. You should try to decrease the number of sounds playing at the same time and set the volume of those sounds to a significantly lower level.

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  • No no no, i think sound is stop, and when sound play 300x then is this effect :/

  • maybe you have some overlapping events or loops somewhere that make that sound play many times at same time

  • Here is cap file, please correct it. PLay game from 1. level to last level and in the last level w�ll be sounds very noisy(loud)

  • You have the Audiere object set to be global. Global objects are not destroyed at the end of a layout so they exist on all following layouts. You also have a instance of the Audiere on each level, you only need one instance on the first layout since it's global.

    As it is now there will be 13 Audiere objects playing on the 13th level, which will be be noisy.

  • Aha, ok thx i try it solved :) then i will write ;)

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