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  • Hi all! I'm new here.

    I have just recently become interested in the amazing program: Construct! However, I just encountered a problem with Construct. I am trying to create a "sandbox" game for myself, in which I will be able to familiarize myself with Construct and its features. In this, I want to have a behavior very similar to the signs in the Platform School tutorial; since I'm still working as a beginner, I just figured I'd mimic the tutorial's method and make changes here and there (that's how I learn)....but it won't work!

    If someone could help, I'd really appreciate it.

    Here are the links to event sheet Screen Shots I've taken, the first is most of it, but the second encompasses the last two statement/conditions.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Hi

    you'll find people in these forums are really helpful, but it's easier to help when more detail is provided.

    What is it that won't work? describe what you were trying to do and what happened instead.

    If possible, post the .cap file for people to try out and modify, you'll find out this is the fastest way to get helpful answers.


  • Oh, sorry that I never actually stated the problem.

    Well, I have one 'sign' that does work, but that is the one I created prior to beginning this method. The problem is simply that the messages won't show up when the spacebar is pressed.

    How do I post the .cap file?

  • people here seem to love dropbox, so that's one idea.

    You could also upload in the uploads forum (there's an upload button if you post there), then put a link to that post in here.

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  • Okay, here's the .cap file. ... game1.html

  • Okay, so I fixed that major issue. It took awhile xD Now I have another one...

    When my character overlaps the Gargoyle and presses SPACE, the message should show up depending on that Gargoyle's Private Variable called DisplayText (or something)....but when my character stops over the first Gargoyle, it shows that one's text and then really quickly shows the next one's....



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