Problem when saving : "Verify Failure"

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  • Hello guys,

    Im working on a project on CC since one year, but thoose last weeks I encountered a problem that probably rely to Construct Classic itself. When I want to save, I get an error message during the "Verify" moment. The problem goes more and more bigger thoose days and now I just cant save anymore. I also get the error "Out of memory" really often when I try to launch the game for testing.

    CC take around 1.3GB RAM when I launch the .cap, but I got 32Gb RAM in my computer... so I dont think the problem could comes from that.

    I didnt find anything serious on the forum about this "Verify Failure" thing (two questions were posted, but in something like year 2010 and with no answers).

    Is there any chance I can find a solution ? Loosing a one year long project will be a bit annoying... I'll probably burn the entire world and then jump in the fire.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Have you tried a reset? Alternatively open the task manager and see if any of the previews are still running. Eg temp.exe temp2.exe etc...

    Otherwise I have no ideas about the issue

  • Thank you for your response. The only thing I know is that the .tmp file is still available afte the error, but the last time I try to open it it seems a bit strange and some Layouts were missing. But I will look at this more efficiently as soon as possible.

    I also find some posts on various forums saying that CC isnt a great choice for big projects, because of memory problems. So I will probably have to move to C2 .

    I dont think so, but is it possible to transfert a part of a CC project to C2 ? Even a little tiny part (values, variable names, objects) ?

  • As far as automatically converting the project over there is nothing that does that. I had something that did that with very early versions of C2 but I never updated it. I did make a python library,, that can be used to access everything in a cap file. It could be useful for making a conversion program but I never got around to it because a perfect conversion is hard.

  • I understand. I will transpose erverything manually to C2, if I work fast maybe this will not take more than one or two monthes. Its also a good way for improving some features, C2 looks great.

    Do I have to pay attention to something special with "big" projects on C2 ? My prjoect is not so big but I got many big sprites and it takes a lot of memory. The game is only designed for PC, but do I have to avoid the memory consumption to reach a certain level in particular ?

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  • Nothing comes to mind. I know the editor can have an issue if you have a huge amount of object types. Well, it's actually a Windows issue that limits the number of icons. Still there's a setting in C2 to fix this, and considering CC is probably subject to the same limit then this is a non issue for you.

  • Ok, thank you.

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