Problem on running the game.

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  • Hello, firts of all i want to thanks for this incredible software.

    And i�m having a problem when running the game, i have started my project today and it has only 1 sprite object, the player sprite.

    The error:

    <img src="">

    After debbuging:

    <img src="">

    I changed the DirectX-9 option to off on "Runtime properties" and that problem was solved, but when i start the game the window became white and nothing happens.

    Thats very strange because i have DirectX-9 on my computer....

    What should i do?

  • Welcome to the forums.

    First off you want dirctex turned on, that option is there for people who want to make applications instead of games.

    Chances are that even though you have DirectX 9, you probably don't have the most current version.

    Windows does not update that automatically.

    You easiest fix right now is to run the installer again, and say yes to any windows that pop up... although the dx9 window gets hidden sometimes.

    If that still doesn't fix it then you might try updating your video drivers, and make sure they can at least handle level 1 shaders.

  • I think you need to definitely install the August 2008 DirectX 9c parts too (should come with construct).

  • Thanks for your reply, but my directx is the last version 9.0c and i updated my video drives, but the problem continue...

    The strange thing is that i downloaded the GhostShooter.exe and it�s work properly, but when i open the .cap file and test inside the program it�s doesn�t work, i try to make a .exe file and the same error happen when i execute the .exe file created by me...

    I really don�t understand what�s happening...

  • What's your video hardware?

    Also, try reinstalling Construct, but go through all parts of the installer, including the DirectX updater. 9.0c is not actually the latest version. There are updates that don't change the version number, and Construct uses those updates.

  • install the update even if you think you have the latest.

    the installer will MAKE SURE that you DO have the latest.

  • [quote:rqna09a4]What's your video hardware?

    Geforce FX 5200 128mb.

    Ok, now i have updated my directx to the lastest version (august 2009), i haven?t done it before because of a worm that blocks microsoft homepage.

    And the problem persist... I think that it?s nothing related to the grafics part...

    When i try to debug GhostShooter this message appear:

    "A crash inside the runtime has been intercepted! The crash may be a bug in Construct. Please report this to Scirra."

    And when i debug a project created by me this messagem appear:

    "A crash inside a plugin?s non-event code has been intercepted! This may be a bug in the plugin, or a problem in Construct. The application has exited. Available details of the location of the problem are below (this may be approximate).

    Plugin: TileBackground.csx

    Object name: TiledBackground

    Instance: 1 of 1"

  • What version of Construct did you download?

  • You have a worm blocking certain websites? Are you sure that worm isn't affecting Construct?

  • [quote:2mulo9dm]What version of Construct did you download?

    The latest, 0.99.62

    [quote:2mulo9dm]You have a worm blocking certain websites? Are you sure that worm isn't affecting Construct?

    Yes, but i eliminate it, and i think the worm can?t affect Construct.

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  • [quote:1eqo4pin]What version of Construct did you download?

    The latest, 0.99.62

    Latest is 0.99.72 but downloaded through the forum instead of the site, and officially an unstable build, but works fine.

  • lol, you mean there�s a new version here on the forum?

    I can�t find the link, can you send it?

  • If you want to keep up to date on Construct then it pays to read the forum

  • Ok, now i have 0.99.72 version, my video drives and directx 9 updated and the same problem persist....

    I really don�t know what�s happening....

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