Problem With Player Death

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  • Edit: I figured it out right after posting the topic. lol

    Sorry about that. If anyone wants to know the problem and solution though...

    Problem Was: When my player dies in the game, I have an animation play very similar to what you'd see from the old Mario and Sonic games. The player goes flying up in the air, then lands below the ground.

    Now the problem I'm having is that when my enemy gets me, and the character goes flying up in the air, he can still somehow hit the enemy, even though I specifically set them to be ignored when he makes contact with them. Even worse is that one of my enemies is set to follow the character from a certain distance, so when I get hit by him, he continuously paces back and forth, which causes the player to keep bouncing up and down for a few seconds, sometimes even longer, before finally falling below the floor. I know how to fix that issue in particular, but I'm more concerned about the fact that my character can still even touch the enemies after death.

    Solution: I simply had to disable the group that allowed me to die after it was finished up with everything. You see, the group specifies that when the player is hit, one of the actions is for the player to jump. It kept detecting that I made contact with the enemy, and kept telling the character to jump. Kind of silly that I had such a problem with it.

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