A problem with motion-blur

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  • First of all, I'm italian, so forgive me for my bad english..

    I'm creating a game with Construct and i have to say that this program is really amazing, a well-done job! But i got a little problem.

    I made my characters in pixel art, saved as .bmp, imported into Construct. In the level layout, it shows me them perfectly. But when I try the game... it is all 'motion-blurred' XD, not only if i move the character (sometimes it happens only in this way, but still it happens). I deactivated the motion-blur in the application properties of course, what next do i have to do?

    Thank you guys and if you can't undestand my english, ask for explanation ;P

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  • By default, the runtime uses 'Linear' sampling, which gives a smooth effect for rotating and stretching sprites, and supports sub-pixel rendering. It isn't flattering for pixel graphics though. In application properties, set 'Sampling' to 'Point'. It should keep everything crisp

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