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  • Hi. I was doing my demo with the 0.98.7 version. I have installed the last version (0.98.9) and it doesn't work in the same way. I have tried with 0.98.8 too, and it gives me a different result too. With 0.98.7 the collisions between "characters" works as spected. What I need to change in the code? Or Is it a Contruct's bug? Thanks.

  • Hi

    First, I have no idea what "normal" is supposed to look like in your game... how are collisions supposed to look? What is the game supposed to do?

    Second... your custom collision code is much too complex to be looking at without comments. I took one glance at the Collisions group and just closed the .cap. There's no way I want to spend the next hour going through your .cap and trying to figure out your method, only to guess at the results you're after.

  • It might help to pick through the changelogs for the builds you missed and see if there's any relevant updates that might affect your .cap in that.

  • Okay I checked out your cap in 0.98.7 first. Then in 0.98.8 and 0.98.9.

    So I could figure out how it's supposed to work, hehe... I really like it btw. Although Deadeye is right. It's pretty damn hard to get into it without any comments.

    Without fully understanding what's going on in your events, I just tried a few things. One thing seems pretty clear: It's your "Zaharra" event group where things go wrong. There's a for each loop with three subevents. All three subevents perform a move at angle action. And the calculations used there go wrong in the most recent versions. So your characters suddenly are positioned out of the window.

    (That was figured out by toggling the Zaharra group. Doing that it seemed to behave the same in all versions.)

    Unfortunately I'm far from being able to tell why this happens. I had a quick look at the changelog of 0.98.8, but there was nothing that really came to my attention.

    Interesting enough, when I toggled the FOR EACH condition in the "Zaharra" group and ran the cap it crashed in 0.98.8 and 0.98.9 (Runtime Error, unexpected error)when a collision occured, while it still worked in 0.98.7.

    So after all I guess it could be a bug that was introduced in 0.98.8. But that's still a guess. And I'm not known for being that smart. Hope this still helped in some way.

  • Off the bat, I remember that things like arrays etc. are now 1-indexed; also overlapping was bugged, so you had to use overlap at offset (0,0). I'm not sure whether that was in 98.7.

    Just a couple thoughts.

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  • Thanks guys. I will try to fix it with your clues .

  • It helps if you just quickly test drive new builds with your .caps even if you don't intend to use that build, because it helps us find and fix things which have been broken quickly, instead of wondering which change over a couple of builds was the culprit.

  • Ok, I have got a solution. I have replaced normal overlapping with system "is overlapping(advanced)" condition. What is the diference between two methods?

  • In the latest builds - like 0.98.9 - the overlapping condition has been redone to make it pick objects in pairs; imagine for example I have 10 object A's overlapping 10 object B's. In old versions it would not necessarily pair the collisions exactly, so you'd have in effect the wrong objects picked. Now the A's will be picked with their respective B's.

    I can't imagine a situation where you'd want the old behavior really, so I'm not convinced using overlapping at offset is the correct way to code your game. What are you trying to achieve exactly?

  • I am doing collisions between all character and objects in the game. This sound exactly what I need. I have assigned two families to all the objects involved in the collisions, and then do all the reposition stuff between the two picked objects.

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