Problem with Animation and I'm tired [Solved!!]

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  • Hi people, is been a long time I haven't posted here.

    I have the problem of one animation no playing. Well, it is the damage animation, sometimes it doesn't play completely the animation. I don't know why, maybe I'm doing wrong the events of animations, I have a lot.

    I'll let you the .cap, I trust on this forum that nobody will steal things for my engine.

    Play it on Construct 0.99.62, run the MainLayout2 for test, the U key is for damage (is just for test purpouses). You may think that the animation plays good, but try walking and then damage ... maybe it will play correctly but try it again and again, sometime it will play wrong.

    Here is the .cap :

    Thank you!!!!

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  • There are...a lot of events there. I couldn't actually find the event that changed him to the damage animation. However, just a hunch, do you have a 'play animation' event after the 'set animation' one? If not, try it.

    Somthing like:

    'Megaman' on collision with 'Baddie': Set animation to 'Ouch!', Play Animation.

    Whenever I have trouble with animation like that, it's usually because I havn't put a 'play animation' event in. It's worth putting one in any time you need an animation to start afresh; otherwise, for some reason, the animation might start halfway though or something. Usually happens after the animation has already played, but only partially; Construct seems to remember which frame it got to, and starts it from there next time.

    Try adding 'play animation' and see if that helps.

  • I tried that, but it failed, it is worst hehe, because it only plays the first frame, not the other ones. I'm driving crazy

    By the way, the animations events are in the Animaciones event sheet.

    Thank you.

    EDIT: IT IS SOLVED!!!! I DID WHAT YOU SAID BUT I INSERTED "Trigger once while true". FINALLY!!!!!


  • Ah yes, 'trigger once while true', the OTHER bane of an animators life. The number of times I've forgotten to put that in, panicked mildly as my animation failed dramatically, only to have the sudden realisation...yup, once again, 'Trigger Once' is required.

    Glad you got it sorted anyway.

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