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  • I've made a small game with a few friends. The game is in several layouts, and running the preview from construct, and the layout where the game itself is crashes. The other layouts containing the menu, highscore and stuff runs properly, but when you either swap to the main-layout or only run that one it immediately crashes without any information at all.

    It works on my friends computers it's only my comp that have this problem. If I export the game first to an .exe the game works and doesn't crash either.

    I have tried to uninstalled construct, reinstalled construct, reboot, cleaned the registry from everything to do with construct... I've done some of the things several times, and in different combinations etc.

  • What are your system specs?

    Also have you updated your video card drivers and DirectX?

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  • I have latest directx.

    I have fairly new drivers, I can try to update them.

  • I updated my drivers, now it works!

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