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  • This only just started happening...

    I click to see a preview and nothing pops up. When I click preview again it says one is already running. When I open up my task manager it only shows construct as being open, no preview whatsoever. I restarted my computer and the same thing happened

    Am I doing something wrong or is something wrong with the program or my computer?

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  • Look for Temp.exe in your task list and kill it if it's still running.

    If there is no Temp.exe and it's still not running, then there might be some kind of error keeping it from starting properly that for some reason isn't being caught by the error handling. Try toggling off the events that you most recently added and see if it starts up then. If not events, then try deleting objects or behaviors that you recently added. Try starting it again after each time you revert something, and if it starts up then you've isolated the problem.

    Whatever it is, it's probably a bug. When you've figured out which event or object is causing it not to start, you may want to post it to the tracker. And if you figure out what it is, post here too so others have a heads up.

  • Ok so I deleted temps and clicked run. It loaded a new preview and nothing popped up. So I took your advice and deleted the WHOLE layout I had just made. It was only 5 minutes worth of work so it wasn't a waste. It was just a rough menu for my game and contained a few text objects, a tiled background, and only one event that detects a keypress and moves to the next layout. I redeleted temps and now its working perfectly

    I hope telling you this helps you guys out a bit

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