Power of 2 graphics and scaling within Construct

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  • Hi, I've created all my graphics at power of 2 sizes, but I've done extensive scale variations of these within Construct Classic. On my PC and graphics card it looks fine, but I tested on another and there were graphical errors. I assume this is because I'm scaling to non power of 2 sizes (even though source graphic is power of two). Is this bad practice? Would scaling say a 64x64 block down to 32x32 alleviate the problem rather than scaling it down to a random size like 57x57? I only ask because the scaling is a pretty good way to build variations using only one instance and it would be a shame not to be able to utilize this.

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  • It could be that the computer you test on has old graphics card drivers or just an old graphics card itself. Most modern cards should be able to handle the textures fine. However, I've heard that it is generally better to just scale the object to those sizes.

    Maybe have the object stay 64x64 in terms of blank space around it, then the graphic itself is 57x57? I understand that means you'll need a different sprite/animation frame for each graphic though.

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