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    Please post all bugs on the SourceForge Bug Tracker:

    SourceForge Bug Tracker

    You need a registered SourceForge account to post bugs. We know this may be a bit inconvenient if you don't have an account, but we've had problems with being unable to reproduce problems posted anonymously in the past, in which case we need to contact the submitter.

    Bugs posted on the forum or sent by PM to admins may eventually be lost and forgotten - please don't report bugs that way. The tracker is the central place for dealing with bug reports. As usual, try to include with your bug report a .cap file and reproduction steps. Please attach the file to the SourceForge bug, or otherwise email it - upload sites sometimes expire files and not all bugs can be looked at immediately. Finally it is useful (but not required) to leave your contact details so if necessary I can contact you in case I need more information about the bug.


    is there a way to incorporate all this into construct? like an image button somewhere neat the window modifiers where a box will pop up or scroll down or do something in some fancy manner and basically has the same fields that can be entered in the sourceforge bug posting page except it's built right into construct and we can just use construct without having to open the browser to post a bug


    i quickly realized that that is good only for bugs that don't crash construct, how about a crash report that pops up when construct crashes and does pretty much the same thing as above because i find that if i leave something off, i may never get around to it so doing this would prompt me to report the event asap!

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    I just thought of something, if Construct already interacts with the internet (checks for and downloads updates), perhaps you could implement an automatic bug report popup that we can agree to (like how Windows asks you if you want to send a report) whenever Construct crashes and it will send you a log of exactly what happend so you can find the bugs easier. Is this possible or worth the work?

    I think it'd be difficult to add crash checks all over Construct at this stage, and there's a link to Report a Bug on the Home ribbon page, so I think we'll have to leave it for now...

    Please don't PM bugs to me or any admins - all bugs should be reported to the tracker. It's useless organisationally to have bug reports scattered all over the place.

    If you have a .cap file you don't want public which demonstrates a bug, it is most preferable to attach files directly to the bug report on SourceForge. This way all developers have immediate access to the file, so it can be dealt with efficiently. If you have a private file you don't want to share, please try to reproduce the bug in a new .cap you are willing to share. If you can't do this, please email it to us, don't upload it - many upload sites are rubbish and have service failures, popup ads, long wait times to download, generally very frustrating, and tend to expire inactive files after some time. Our contact e-mails are in our profiles. Please also mention the bug number in the email, so I can find it again later easily (eg. Subject: File for bug #2345678).

    Please remember to do this, otherwise your bug submission might not be effectively dealt with. We do try to have a look at all bugs, but we currently have about 100 open bugs on the tracker and some are fairly old, so it's important everything is sensibly organised.


    Bug reports from anonymous users are now no longer allowed. You must register a SourceForge account and submit your bug report from there.

    We receive a lot of anonymous submissions and sadly, a lot of them cannot be reproduced by a developer, or contain incomplete or ambiguous descriptions. In these cases, we need to contact the submitter in order to solve the problem. When the submitter is anonymous, it's impossible to contact them unless they come back and check the report, and in nearly all the cases I have seen, the anonymous submitter never returned to the bug report.

    We'd rather these problems were fixed than left closed due to being incomplete, therefore, you must now submit from a registered SourceForge account.

    I would like to suggest "else" events or at least for sub-events, as in a condition whereby if the event does not fire then another action could be performed. I realize that this confuses event with a condition, but still it might be implementable for sub-events, which do seem to be more as condition then eventish. (This is not a bug, but a suggestion)

    seac This is the wrong place to post that, as it's not about the bug posting process, which this thread is about, and is in the construct classic forum. I assume you're talking about C2, because construct classic already has an else condition.

    Ashley has mentioned that else is already on the to do list for C2.

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