Possible "Ball Behavior" bug?

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  • http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1105553/bouncy.cap

    I made a box out of four solid sprites (I tested this with one sprite cloned three times and the same thing happened) and put another sprite with the "Ball Behavior" inside.

    After bouncing around several times it flies through the top part of the box, even though it's settings are the same as all of the other sides.

    Is there something that I've done wrong, or is this a bug?

    (I'm using version .99.84)

  • Never mind...

    I tried making a single sprite and hollowed out the center, and it worked fine.


  • Ugh. No, that just *seemed* to work. After a while the ball still escapes from the top of the hollowed out box sprite (but it seems like it ONLY escapes from the top).

    Unless anyone else knows otherwise this looks like a bug.

  • Might be getting some frame skip. That would allow it to move through solids.

  • Might be getting some frame skip. That would allow it to move through solids.

    Can this be fixed with TimeDelta? The example that I posted doesn't actually have any events...

  • Actually timedelta is the reason it can skip.

    If your not terribly worried about v-sync, you can set it to unlimited. Otherwise all you can do is make sure the ball, and walls are not set to point. Then increase the size of the ball, and the walls.

    One thing you might try is scaling the objects bigger, and scaling the view so they then look smaller....not sure if that will really help tho.

    Also the hotspot on the ball is a little off. That with rotation could be making things worse.

  • Shutting off rotations seems to make the problem stop. Thank you, Newt.

  • No, it still escapes. Never mind.

    Actually... I think the problem may just be that I used Construct's image editor to resize the sprite for the chicken/box. Sometimes weird things happen when I do that.

  • I think the problem is just simply your hotspot not being perfectly centered (unless that was intended?) Just incase you didn't know, you can open the sprite click on hotspot then press 5 on your numpad to center it.

    Doing this stopped it from jumping out of the box for me.

    EDIT: Actually, nope....... it just escaped out the bottom after a minute or so. Weird.

  • From other threads, it seems that the ball behavior is pretty bugged.

  • I don't know that there really is a solution for this, other than not using v-sync.

    See if the object is moving at x pixels per second and the solids are less than x in size, if there is a frame skip the object could end up on the other side. Even if you make the walls wider than the ball's maximum speed the ball could wind up in the middle of the wall, and be pushed out the other side.

  • I can't reproduce the "bug" myself if I recreate your cap from scratch. So, I am going to guess that it is indeed related to something with the image editor.

    Perhaps the collision mask is messed up when resizing within the editor?

    I can't even get a ball to pass through a solid 1 pixel thick sprite at high speed.

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  • I don't know that there really is a solution for this, other than not using v-sync.

    It isn't really necessary to the game, so I'll just leave it alone for now. Thanks for your suggestions, though.

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