Is it possible with Construct?

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  • Hi there.

    I know I am new, but I have experience with Games (or better with Mods: Fall from Heaven II for Civilization IV: ).

    Before trying around with Construct, I want to know if the game I want to create is even possible or better creatable in a reasonable effort and time.

    I dont worry about graphics, as this is the simplest thing for me to create.

    I just worry about the mechanics.

    So, I want to create a game which plays similar to one of the following examples:

    Can any of you "experts" give me a good estimation of the effort and time (talking about basic mechanics, not about levels and graphics) needed to create games like those listed above?

    (I know i should start out with easier projects to get the hang of the engine, etc. but i jut want to know if it is worth learning construct or if it is the wrong platform for what I want to create).

    Thanks in advance,


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  • I only played the 1944 game, but it would be pretty easy to create something like that with good knowledge of Construct.

    As for effort and time, that's up to you. It's depends on how big or complex you want the game.

    if it is the wrong platform for what I want to create

    Construct would definitely be a good platform for this.

  • Yes, it is possible. However you will have to put in some effort; I'd suggest getting some experience with Construct first, then you will have a rough idea how to implement the above gameplay examples.

    Just mess around with Construct until the release candidate is released and the major bugs are ironed out, then you will have everything you need to churn games like that out.

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