Possible Bug - Global Variables in Event Sheets

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  • I have an Event Sheet called "Player Damage" that runs all the events for when the player gets hit. I also have a global text variable called "gameProgress" that is set to "running" by default, but I want to change to "endGame" when the player gets hit and has no life left. I created the event to test for the proper conditions and added the System action to set the global variable gameProgress to "endgame," and the action didn't show up. I thought maybe the UI was bugging out again, so I saved a new version, closed out the event sheet I was working on, and reopened the event sheet again. The action still wasn't there, so I clicked New Action and added it a second time. It still didn't show up, so I quit Construct and restarted it.

    Now my .cap won't open at all. It loads up to %90 and crashes. This happens in both .91 and .92 (I created it in .91). I can post the .cap if necessary.

  • This bug is fixed for 0.93, and is possibly related. Let me know if it crops up again in the next build.

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  • Okay, will do. For now I'll just use pvt variables.

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