Portable Game Using DirectX?

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  • Hi, quick question. Is there a way for me to create a portable version of my game that wouldn't require the need to install DirectX? I have had numerous amounts of people complaining that they had to install the very specific DirectX 9.0c August 2008 software, and I was wondering if I could simply add it to any future builds of the game I'm making. If it helps any, I've only used the Audio Engine and sprites that utilize DirectX.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • yeah i noticed that too, I think it needs d3dx9_39.dll not sure right now. Including that file on the same folder as the exe could work, couldn't test in lack of a computer with out that version of DX, any ways if it doesn't work users still need to install that

  • You could inlcude the Redistributable DirectX9 installer with the game. I know that would likely be a nuisance though because of its size.

  • I downloaded "d3dx9_39.dll", thanks to ericrevollo. It seemed to fix the graphics issue, but not when I used XAudio2. Hopefully someone here might happen to know the name of the file I'd need to fix that? I get the feeling that's the only thing stopping my game from running without actually installing the specific version of DirectX.

    Including the Redistributable DirectX9 installer is most likely my last resort to solving this problem, though...

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