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  • Is it possible so that you can use Construct on other computers not in your home? I have an 8GB USB drive (Construct fits in it perfectly)

    However I want it so you can work on your games when you're not at home, is it possible to use Construct on your USB on other computers or if you install Construct on your USB it adds to the registry that is installed on that computer and if you plug your USB on another computer Construct say's it's badly installed?

    Is it possible anyhow to use Construct on other PC's that don't allow you to install files? (like computers with administrative privileges)

  • This isn't supported in Construct 0.x, but will be a C2 feature.

  • As far as I know, if you can copy also the files being pasted the system folder of the computer to your flash drive, it might work. Not sure though.

  • OK, I'm glad C2 will be portable

    but doesn't Construct put's files in the registry or something that cannot be ported?

  • That's why I'm not sure lol. But Ashley already said that it won't work. So no point looking for a work around

  • Oh well, That sucks but I'm glad that portability is planned for C2.

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  • It can be done by including some dlls in the construct directory.

    See this topic:http://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7871&p=60991

  • [quote:vvcmt162]I'm also pretty sure that including the DLL files is not enough to run Construct. You may also need to add some registry keys so Construct thinks it's installed. You can get the necessary keys from a computer that you already installed Construct on by exporting the registry directory "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Construct" to a .reg file and running the file before you run Construct.

    I see but what about registries? am I required to have the registry files as well?

    Nevermind, I get what you're saying, thanks ROJOhound.

  • Maybe I'm off, but what if you try to install Construct and Virtual C++ and DirectX directly on your USB key? Okay, well, I'm not sure DirectX will let you choose the install location, but maybe that could help anyway. (DirectX is pretty secondary anyway since most computers should be worth an update to the recentest version if they don't have it. Their owners wouldn't care you update something useful...I guess...)

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