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  • Is the CC and C2 portable in anyway? I mean can I install it onto my flash drive and use it on a different computer because I seem to find spare time in the university library.

  • C2 is.

  • I see. Well I guess I'll just have to use my own computer since my project is meant to be exe... until they come around with exe on c2.

  • Sorry if I'm bumping this but I just have another question. Does anyone know the list of libs cc uses? If I just know that I think I can make it portable. I thought of looking at the source codes but I'm a novice at coding so I have no idea what libs its using.

  • CC needs the DirectX August 2008 update and Visual Studio 2005 C++ redist, both run by the installer during setup. You can find their setups in the install directory once setup is done, in case you want to try taking them somewhere else, but you'll need admin rights to run them.

  • Or you can use something like Spoon Studio. I have successfully created a portable Construct Classic v1.2 with Spoon (although I got one error Kernel32:encodepointer when building but so far it hasn't affected any functionality). It works correctly running off of a flash drive with only user rights. Three negative with Spoon Studio...

    1. It creates the .exe as one big bundle. So its about 200 MB in memory.

    2. To update is easy for owner of a license, but if not it's not going to happen (adding new plugins)

    3. Its expensive $2K+..so

    While the above is kinda pointless with the cost, this proves that at least it can be done. I believe Rojo pointed out a more manual method in another thread.

  • I don't get it... so do these software create a exe that's technically a zip file that has all the data of a software and directories and dlls that are required to run it but won't unpack it, it just runs? or does it actually unpack with dlls and registry. So lost.


    Nevermind. I worked out. Thanks a lot guys! End of this year you'll find out what project I've been working on!

  • Great finding, Jamesx! I think I will use Cameyo to have CC on the go.

    EDIT: jangsy5 cameyo.com/doc/index.html


  • Or just use this :





    Have you actually used any of these create a portable version of Construct yourself ?

  • I didnt tried with construct, but so far, the 4-5 apps i packaged with this tool (Cameyo) are all ok. Why ?

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  • Construct Classic doesn't work with Cameyo. Didn't try the other one, tough, so who knows...? <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


  • I didnt tried with construct, but so far, the 4-5 apps i packaged with this tool (Cameyo) are all ok. Why ?


    Have you created any apps that use or need Directx dll files.

  • : Honestly i can't tell, that was some months ago already.


    I just made a test:

    Virtual box (only windows and nothing more) -> Cameyo -> Installed construct -> packaged with cameyo (around 80mega)

    • DOESNT WORK on a restarted clean virtual box
    • WORKS on my true PC (where directX is installed)

    Virtual box (only windows and nothing more) -> Cameyo -> installed directx -> installed construct -> packaged with cameyo (around 140mega)

    • WORKS on a restarted clean virtual box
    • WORKS on my true PC

    NOTE : I dont have .NET installed on my virtualbox right now so i cant edit package (means packaged construct cant write files outside of the sandbox!!!)

  • Sounds pretty good, i will download them and have a look.

    thanks <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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