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  • Hi guys, its my first post!

    I want to create a top-view game when you are the police chase speeders in ruge city wi a lot of drivers and etc, so you can call roadblocks and helis, i hope you will help me =D.

    So how I create an "speeder" AI with a big I. I think in node paths for the normal drivers in te road, but i need some help.

    The game will be beatifull, I will model the cars and all (Not a 3d game, just pre-rendered cars) or create then in PS.

    sorry bad english ...

  • Have you done anything else with Construct already? Have you looked at the Ghost Shooter Tutorial? Also, which version of Construct do you have? I need the EXACT number.

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  • Yes, i have made some games and looked at ghost shotter turorial. I know about games and variables and behaviours. My version is 0.99.62.

  • What kind of decisions do you need the AI to make?

  • run from the police, try dont pass at roadblocks. and for the drivers in the road, just drive. thankyou for your help.

  • I'd run it by "states." Have the cars check things around them and do stuff accordingly. For example, when a car comes to a 4 way intersection, have it choose a random direction. Or you could block out choices where there's a road block set up. This would run a LOT of private variables and global variables. For regular cars you wouldn't need as many variables, but they'd work on the same principles. If you are driving a car, you could use the Car Object which should be more "car-like" but that won't work for AI. For the AI I'd use Custom Movement and work on tell it to detect when there's a turn or a solid in front of it. You could check out Line of Sight too.

    Basically, AI can get complex. I hope this gave you some ideas at least. Maybe someone who knows more will come along and give you an example, but I haven't delved into this sort of thing myself yet so I'm just throwing ideas out there.

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