Plugin SDK (VS2010)

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  • I want to start myself to create some plugins, I learn very fast

    Thank you all in advance and keep up good work!

  • I use Visual Studio 2010 and the current pluging SDK works great with it. There is already a tutorial off of the developer's page which is about as simple as it can get. Check it out, try it out, and shoot us any questions/problems you have!

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  • I get an error compiling "can't include DXsnips.h no sush file or directory".. :/ some ideia?

  • Ohh I finally got it to compile! but now I'm following the tutorial and the plugin doesn't show up in Construct.

  • the default directories where it exports are not into your main construct directory, from the actual sdk directory its:



    copy those to the construct\plugins\, and construct\plugins\runtime\ directory to find it in construct

    to change where it saves and the names of the files go to

    project-Template SDK properties: Configuration properties - linker,

    and then it's under 'output file'

    you'll have to do this for both the Release, and Runtime versions, that you select in the dropdown box of the properties dialogue

    also, for these plugin development questions, the appropriate forum is:

    construct engineering

    you'll probably get a quicker answer, too, since we don't get much action there

    also, not sure how relevant this is to your level of programming knowledge, but don't hesitate to ask very basic questions. a couple of us (myself included) basically learned to program c++ using the plugin sdk

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