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  • For past half a year i was working very hard on a game that i planned to sell and maybe finaly put some food on the table for me and my fammily.

    Some time ago i bumped yet another CC limitation and couldnt find a walkaround. My salvation apeared to be plugin Unique Sprites

    Little i knew that when this damn plugin has the ability to load unique textures it NEVER unloads them trashing VRAM time after time hoaring all the VRAM he can get his hands on.

    And theres no way of stoping him. Theres no texture unload action and the normal one just doesnt work.

    So heres my cry for help.

    Do anybody know a way to make this plugin unload the textures? or a way to FORCE him to do so? or unload te textures by force? i dont know how.

    If theres no known way of doing that i would like ask someone to make a plugin for such action. I will even pay you if it works.

    I never expected much of help from this forums but now i am left at your mercy. Without your help my game is doomed.

    Please contact me here on via email

  • I don't think you can unload textures with that plugin. It would probably be much more worth your time to state what you are trying to do with the Unique Sprite plugin, there might be another way to do it. Often there is, that's the beauty of Construct.

  • actualy its not its beauty, its his most ugly face but i wont elaborate on this topic.

    the bottom line is:

    the plugin at this time, is a fundamental element of the game. i cant pull it off without erasing months of work. and no. theres no workaround. This plugin supposed to be the workaround.

    A Layout. And couple of hunderds graphics. Not all of them are always used. Actualy not more then 10%. But ALL of them have a % chance of being used.

    To avoide creating hundreds of sprite objects that would propably kill the VRAM and takes ages to write in i had been lookng for a way to have one object but with diffrent graphics - depending on the situation. This is where the Unique Sprite came in. I could spawn any number of one spirte object and depending on its PV - load a proper texture for it. This is the only way. No other contruct native objects has all the requaired characteristics for this task.

    As i said. Theres no workaround. That would be a workaround of a workaround (which is more then typical for CC...). The only way to rescue my game (and its a damn good one) is to somehow access the textures stored in VRAM from construct and unload them.

    This is my only chance. By a plugin or some ultra secret of CC that i havent learnd in last 4 years of my CC usage.

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  • I actually wish the Fundry site was still active, that way you could pay someone to finish up that plugin for you.

    I'm sorry to hear this

    Your 4 years of Construct Classic experience is much more than mine and not in Construct, but I can understand the pain of losing something you've worked so hard on.

    I know you've said you have tried everything, I'm just trying to make sure there isn't something useful hiding out there that can help you... Does the Tiled Background method of using spritesheets not work for you? Similar to this?

  • I appreciate you help and the will.

    Sadly theres no workaround for this. Especialy as each graphic are from 256^2 to 512^2.

    And even if there would be... its already too late.

    You see. I have a very limited time. I quited my job to do this full time. 12-15h day after day for past 5-6months. The game is really good and supposed to pay the bills. I have just 2-3months left. Knowing that - i just dont have time anymore fore any workaround. I wont have the time to use it, even if i would find it.

    The plugin is broken but i cant unplug him without breaking the gain. For the game to work proparly it has to be there, even broken.

    The only hope if theres someone bigger then me capable of making a plugin especialy for accessing data stored in GFX Card VRAM. This way, even when the broken Unique Sprites will still horde the VRAM i will be able to remotly clean his mess right after.

    I am already devastated. I have wife and son. If a miracle wont happend i will have to throw away all this GameDev dreams and look for a regular work. With past half a year put into waste.

    Lemme reapet for people capabale of making plugin for CC: I am willing to pay for such plugin. just please, contact me.

  • sorry for the typos. i am just very nervous and additionaly my keyboard is malfunctioning.

  • Perhaps you should post something in the help wanted section like "will pay for cc plugin/or fix to a cc plug in."

    You could try contacting people who developed previous cc plugins like rojohound or arsonide, they might be able to add a "unload from memory" action (I can't speak for them though, but even if they can't they might be able to guide you to someone else who can help).

    You could also post to other forums where c++ programmers reside, and hire someone to fix the plugin for you (probably quicker/cheaper than making a whole new one).

    I realize you said there isn't time for you to implement a workaround, but in case it could potentially help anyway, what I would recommend (without knowing the specifics of your project) is putting the animations in separate objects and having those objects all in a family so you have one set of code controlling them. You can then pair up those objects with the base object used for gameplay via uids or the pairer object.

    Unless it would require a thousand objects or something. Then I would recommend putting multiple sets of animations in each object, but still splitting them up to reduce usage, and determining what set to use based off of variables:

    Set animation to: sprite('type') & "Default"

    Results in: "spritetypevariableDefault"

  • Just updated the plugin here:

    Destroying or loading another image now releases the textures.

  • You, R0J0hound, are awesome. :)

  • Considering how quickly you did that and how he was willing to pay for it, that is amazing of you!

  • I am left speechless.

    I cannot technicaly express my gratitude Rojo.

    Check your PM for some shinnies.

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