please post an image manipulator cap?(simple copy and paste)

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  • I can't get the image manipulator to do anything but crash

    can someone please post a cap of it doing a simple copy/paste with imagemanipulator?

    and I mean simple. I just want 2 sprites, an image manipulator, and something copied from one sprite to another

    I hear people talk about it crashing in certain circumstances, but I seriously can't get it to do anything...I think the bugs are reported to the bug tracker, I just want to see what it can do for now until those are fixed...also it's supposed to be able to copy from canvas?

    anyway, here's a cap of my crashing

    what am I doing wrong? I'm barely doing anything. I made it left and right click, because I heard you may need a delay between copies and pastes, but no longer how long I wait it just crashes for me

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  • Have you submitted all cases in which the object crashes to the tracker? Crashes are always bugs and if not reported they may not be fixed!

  • lol

    you're awesome ashley, I put the bug tracker thing there, cuz I knew you'd come...


    my system is very unstable in general, and the reason I'm posting this is because I believe there may be something wrong on my machine in particular. I think I may be doing things that should work on any other machine, and it's crashing anyway. I don't want to post my pc problems on the bug tracker. my computer crashes out of everything all the time. BSODs are a daily thing for me pretty much. there is a damaged component inside, and such is my fate until I can afford to start fresh with a new machine.

    so yeah, I just want to test a working cap, to see if it will work on my pc

    Image Manipulator copying it's contents to Canvas object crashes.

    Copying from/to Image Manipulator to/from Sprite works. Also copying Canvas

    contents to IM works.

    Vista 64-bit. Also checked on friend's 32-bit version with the same result.

    copying to a sprite makes it crash for me, at least the way I'm doing it

  • It was fixed in the next build.

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