Please list links to the latest C.C. plug-ins?

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  • Hi There....

    Just looking through the forums I have noticed that there are new plugins and even newer ones every day, can someone create a Permanent forum chat topic that is specifically about newer plug-ins! I am currently wondering what new plug-ins I could be missing that wasn't included in the latest Construction Classic Download that might make my game making THAT much easier!

    I really appreciate all the hard work I see volunteers on here making plug-ins to make all our lives easier, but could there be 1 area where we can go to find all these things much more easily or can someone on the Scirra team gather them and add them to the site each month as an update so that everyone can take advantage of the latest plug-in's much more easily? Thanks ahead of time for taking your time to reply!

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  • Here is one for example:

    It's finally here, the successor to the Advanced Camera plugin: MagiCam!

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  • This requires a topic with a link to each plugin (maybe plugins for CC as well as C2?), if someone could do this, then I'm sure a moderator will be nice enough to sticky it (like the examples/tutorial thread).

    I might try this later on if I have time.

  • but could there be 1 area where we can go to find all these things much more easily

    An area like a completed addon section where completed addons are stocked in topics ?

    It could even support a sub forum for work in progress, addons that aren't final yet, but still can be tested.

    Man that would be so awesome indeed. Oh wait, that's already the case. Wow...

    And if you want to hear about the new ones, just chacke those sections once every day, and you'll be kept up to date.

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