Playing Particle Effects and Sounds while Timescale = 0

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  • I have a Particles object which I want to be always "animated" even when Timescale = 0. Is there a way to do this?

    Also, is there a way to make a specific channel (of the XAudio2 object) ignore Timescale? Unchecking "Timescale audio" affects all channels, but I want to reserve only 1 channel to play when Timescale = 0.


  • I'm afraid there is no way for the particles, apart from doing you own particle generation with sprites through events.

    Controlling the audio channels is a lot more easy. Just uncheck "Timescale audio", then select all the channels that you want to be affected by timescale, and set them to a frequency fitting timescale.


    + System: For "" from 1 to 5
    -> XAudio2: Set channel LoopIndex frequency ratio to TimeScale
  • Oh, so for the 64 available audio channels, I can just loop from 1 to 63 to make them "normal" again, and just channel 64 will not follow timescale.

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  • Yes.

    Just do the loop whenever you change the time scale.

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