2 player top down shooter help

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  • Hi, This is actually my first post to this forum and I'm new to Construct.

    I have searched the forum for an answer, but couldn't find any..

    I'm making a 2 player top down shooter for my first project.

    The controls for each player is going to have 8 directional movement.

    The controls for player one, are the directional arrow keys.

    The controls for player two, are 'w a s t' on the keyboard layout.

    I have fount that using the 8 direction under behavior is working just perfect, but..

    My problem is that direction keys controls player two aswell.

    So I was going to change that. But.. The only way I saw possible to change the controls for the behavior were under the application properties..

    How can I use the 8 direction behavior for both player 1 and 2 with different controls?

    I will really appretiate any help with this.

    Thanks in advance

  • Short answer: Construct doesn't have 2 player controls support yet.

    Longer answer: You can "Set ignoring input" on the player 2 object, and manually move the object with the 8 Direction behavior's actions. Here's an example:


    Move player 1 with arrows. Move player 2 with WASD.

    You won't get the full benefit of the turning and angling and such that the 8 Dir behavior normally has without some custom events, though.


    Also, for some weird reason, it seems player 2 is slightly slower than player 1 even though they should be going the same speed... strange. I guess I'll have to report that as a bug.

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  • Ok, I will try this.

    Thanks for the quick answer

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