Player 8 Direction Animation Movement

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  • Hi all i'm really new to this and have read abit about whats what, but what i wanted to know is, i have a character with 64 frames of animation. 8 Frames of Animation for each of the 8 angles.

    I have loaded them into the Animator and named it "Player Walking", then added in Behaviours Custom Movement "Player Walking" but obviously the Player Sprite just runs through all the frames.

    What i'm after is that when i click on a point on the screen the sprite goes to that Mouse x,Mouse y position with the correct animation.

    Do i have to seperate all my animations so i have a seperate set for each direction,..?

    Thankyou for any help

    P.S. Thanks to all involved for a really great application, having used GM for a couple of months with nothing but a side scrolling shooter to show for it, then this seem like it has an easier interface to work with.

  • Ok i figured out that each animation has it's own angles, So i ahve put the 8 frames of animation in each of it's own angle. So now i think i need to get the mouse x, y, when the left button is clicked. then make the correct anim play for that angle...

    I also have when left is clicked set angle to mouse x, mouse y But there's that little error when inbetween the 8 positions which is a problem as the sprite looks tilted. I don't want to do anims for all 360 degrees.

  • To avoid the sprite being tilted in between the animation angles. Change the Sprite's property "Rotation" from "Normal" to "N angles", and be sure the property "Rotations Count" is 8.

  • Thankyou that corrected it, but how do i make it goto mouse x, mouse y with the animation...?

    At the moment it just jumps straight to the mouse x, y.

    When i select New Action i have Tabs:- Player1:Player Walking

    In Player Walking (Which holds all my angles and animations) i have

    Acceleration & Speed

    Angle of Motion

    Angle of Motion Rotaion Speed






    But none of them seem to allow me to walk with anims to the mouse x,y

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  • Ok i added RTS movement and it now goes to the mouse, just need to figure animation out now.

    Also now added Event Is Moving :- Player1: Set Animation to "Player Walking"

    But this don't work....

  • It's ok i got it figured added an arrived at waypoint Event. ~:)

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