How to play construct made games, but without Construct.

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  • How would you do this?

  • You can export an .exe file of the game.

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  • Not to be rude, but perhaps you should try something simpler. Something more finished, with a similar method of eventing, and still teaches game design.

  • I'm not sure why you say that newt. every newcomer asks basic questions when they first get here, and I haven't found his to be more noobish than average.

    , what version of windows are you running?

  • newt:

    even though you don't want to be rude, saying something like that often hurts people. He may be a bit over eager and asks on the forum without looking up on the wiki or searching the forum. Wait sometime, he'll be all right.

    lucid: Win XP with Win98 theme, I like it more than the usual XP one, plus this theme matches my wallpaper.

  • Its less about being a newb, and more about getting a proper introduction to game making.

    Construct is probably the best choice in terms of ease of use vs power, but lets face it there is very little documentation geared to someone just starting out. Actually I don't think there's any info on the wiki about exporting at all.

    Then what resources we do have are geared to give that "ahah" moment, that most game developers, frustrated with other programs share when we see how simple the devs made it.

    While the forum does suffice for most questions, its hardly a good idea to expect people to join the forum, let alone ask the question. The number of guests down at the bottom should attest to that.

    Scratch on the other hand, is made just for the purpose of showing people the world of game making. Not only is it well documented, they have made an active effort to teach, by creating an environment for sharing.

  • I know you can make a exe. File or whatever but when I click on the file, it says ''what program would you like to use this with'' or something similar. This is my first time making a game that I want other people to play.

  • are you sure? make sure you pay attention to where you exported the exe and what you named it. if you're absolutely sure it's your exe file doing this - when windows asks you that about an exe file, it's usually indicative of severe os registry issues or a virus infestation.

  • That's wierd, Construct by default exports an .exe(it can't export in any other format) and it's strange that Windows is not recognizing an exe file.

    Maybe you deleted the ".exe" part in the export path?

    <img src="">

    It's the only way I can think of. Or maybe it's because of some virus like lucid mentioned.

  • yeah, I had a virus once that made windows start getting confused about file extensions including exe's and it quickly got out of hand. if it's not what alibash said about omitting the .exe (that's probably much more likely. didn't think of that), then please do a scan soon. viruses that are that blatantly messing with your os are usually pretty nasty, and can permanently damage it by altering system files and registry entries, leaving "holes" in the operating system that remain even after the infection is taken care of.

  • abhilash is right, if you don't explicitly tells Construct to export a .exe like "MyGame.exe" it will export a simple file with no extension: "MyGame" you can either re-export with the .exe extension or add the extension of the file manually.

  • The wierd thing is, my laptop is virus free, I scan it once a week. When I ''try'' to make a .exe file I think I do everything right. But when I try to find the file, well I don't, I don't find it.

  • newt: despite the shortcomings of our documentation I don't think your original reply was at all helpful. Your reply basically amounts to "give up and go somewhere else". Please stick to answering the question in the thread!

    Anyways, try turning off your antivirus just while you export - it may see a new EXE file being generated and block its creation for security reasons.

    Also, make sure you're exporting to a folder you have permission to access. For example, if you're not an administrator, exporting your game to the root C:\ may fail, because it's access is protected. Try exporting to 'my documents'.

  • I usualy a quick learner but this is killing me! I'll try putting it into different folders. I've tried a few already but I'll try some more. I realy want people to see the game I made in 24 hours. All I need to do to it is putting a score and music in, but that also has me puzzled. I know a damage indicator works the same way but I used another method. The more damage you take, the more red the screen gets. Although I can probably find help on other forums.

  • You could give us some screenshots of each step of how you are trying to export the game. Maybe we could help then.

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