plattform enemy problem

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  • Hi guys!

    First of all, sorry for my bad english. I hope you'll understand my problems anyway.

    So, I'm about to make a little plattformer in construct classic. For the events of my first enemy, I did pretty much the same, as I've learnd in the Plattform School tutorial. And for this enemy, it works so far, but the moment I duplicate the "enemy-spread-sprite" and run the layout, some of the events, I've put in the "on start of layout" doesn't work e.g. the hitbox of some of the enemies doesn't went invisible and the user input is also not ignored by some of the enemies.

    That's freaking me out. Could you please tell me, what I've been doing wrong. I don't see my mistake.

    Oh, by the way, some of my animations don't work if I set the animation speed lower than 60, why's that?

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  • You have PumpfBox and Pumpf sprites positioned on the layout left to the playing screen, when the program starts they start falling out, than you create another enemy from those sprites and you have 2 enemies, but only one is on the screen. If that was the problem, just destroy one enemy.

    And to the second problem, on Animation event sheet - Event 5 - you have>

    + PumpfBox: is walking -> Pumpf: Set animation to "laufen"

    + System: Else -> Pumpf: Set animation to "Default"

    when PumpfBox isn't walking, you set animation to "Default", and when it collides with the player, it's set to "beiss", but than again it's set to "Default", because PumpfBox isn't walking and so on. When you disable the else event, it works.

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