Platforming rotating character tips?

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  • Hi everyone, I was hoping someone might have experience with rotating

    characters or objects with platforming behavior,

    and whether anyone has come across or has solution for when your object

    rotates near a 'solid' and ends up being thrown through it, I can

    only assume? because the rotation of it puts the majority of the image

    to far into that solid and it pops out the other side?

    Is there any way to keep the object from getting pushed through a solid

    like this?

    It's absolutely killing me and I can't find a solution,

    any help or ideas or sharing of experiences with these problems

    would be extremely appreciated!

  • I have created a the cap with all the listings of your Reg.

    Here you go \/

    Download .Cap

    Tell if that helped or not <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • That helped a ridiculous amount :D!!!

    Brilliant, brilliant example, thank you so much!

    I do have some fears with areas of my design to whether this will work,

    but it's definitely promising and really well done.

    The rotation coming from that separate object keeps the platform object

    from rotating through the wall which should solve all of my problems,

    it's just really all the directions of gravity and specific angle changes

    that are set up in mine that may be difficult to reproduce when split

    across those objects and the actual sprite.

    You've given me hope just as I was seriously considering having to

    give a lot of this up, thank you so much!

    Here's your cap I've been working on today to try and push it closer

    to what I'm working on to test it's functionality.

    Made a couple of minor changes like adding sensors on the corners so

    that the sprite didn't flicker between angles when the detector was

    overlapping 2 'FootREV' objects.

    Also made the platform object spherical so moving along steeper angles

    didn't leave the sprite floating above the ground.

    And have got a basic gravity-changing setup working with the edges.

    (When on the lowest platform, jump into the wall on the left side and

    the gravity will change

    Again, thank you so so so much!! It has helped tremendously :D!

  • First of all please try using Dropbox, It's a much faster way to download and upload files

    Ok, This .Cap does not work 100% But is does the job.

    Download Here

    it's only for cons..

    <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • I'm really sorry, I never at all expected you to expand what I had

    updated for an additional example, otherwise I would have given additional

    details to the direction I was moving with my own in progress expansion.

    And yeah, is the fastest along with mediafire for normal files,

    however I'm not used to uploading things under 1mb so I didn't consider

    the time it takes to navigate through the pages with the captcha etc.

    I just want to stress, your first example was epic, so please don't take

    any of my criticism of your hard work on expanding the example I posted

    to heart, as I greatly appreciate the unexpected additional update.

    Also these may be quite nit-picky, but I've lost my mind with all the

    ridiculous problems I'm having in my current project so I need to build

    up an as perfect as possible test file before taking the extensive time

    required to adjust my current project to the adjusted formula.


    The problem created with the wallsensor now being the object that detects

    when to change gravity, is that it can reach the conditions to change

    gravity, without rotating the feet or sprite/wall sensor.

    Also the wall sensor wouldn't work with a an actual sprite, because

    it creates a bounding box over the character ignoring the current

    shape/pose of the character on the screen.

    I also really liked the feel of the character reaching the wall then

    the gravity changing moments later when the detector caught up (as

    it lags behind a moment).

    Another reason is this re-introduces one of the any problems I have been

    currently facing, because even if you made the wall detector the actual

    sprite, it would mean when the animation changes the character could end

    up off wall when it's rotation changes, instead of sticking to it like

    it did with the detector/feet before.

    #2]With the changes to the shape of both the feet and the detector,

    this now occurs at angles

    #3]The adjusted foot shape also reintroduces the largest risk which

    is what was originally theoretically solved in the first example you sent,

    with the width now larger than the height, when it rotates because of

    the change in gravity at corners it's at risk of being pushed through

    the wall.

    #4]This is mostly because I was certainly not expecting another example,

    which again I'm most grateful for.

    Though the FixZOne is a nice way to force the gravity change back,

    I didn't mention that you could jump to the right (relative to the

    characters angle when on the left wall) into the ground, and have

    gravity change back.

    Also I was intending in my expansion of the example to eventually get

    around to having gravity automatically restore back to the down direction

    when the feet object reaches the 'falling' state after jumping.

    Also the issue with that object, is that you have it set the angle of

    everything to 0, regardless of it's current gravity (so that now when

    traveling from the start location and jumping through that object,

    the character's rotation goes to 0, before changing again when landing).

    Another problem is that when you fall through that and it changes

    your gravity, it doesn't change the gravitydirection global variable,

    and the detector stays to the left of you (because it is going to x+10).

    I hope these explanations of problems somehow help you in anything you

    do in the future so you can avoid the issues I have had to face.

    On a positive note, your wallsensor did give me a good idea of how to

    deal with rotating the character towards the wall angle early automatically.

    Again, thanks for taking this time to help! ^^

    Though I didn't want to get into more details of the experiment because

    I want to keep it mostly secret, don't want to leave you after all my

    responses without an indication of the direction I was going and why

    your changes for the most part didn't work without anything Dx,


    here's my current progress I've made further in my experiment.

    Uploaded to dropbox this time :)

    Though I wouldn't mind/be happy to hear a response again from you about

    this, I really can't divulge any more of the direction of gameplay and

    changes I'm making to this, or updates of my experiments, sorry Dx

    Again thank you for all your help, I'd still be absolutely lost if it

    weren't for your response, now I have a direction to go in which might

    be able to get things functioning :D! You've got no idea how much of my

    mind I have lost lately because of this O_O;

    Can't express the amount of thanks! ^^

  • No problem, I hope you have a huge suc.. with your game! <img src="smileys/smiley42.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Thank you very very much :)!

    I hope everything goes your way with your own endeavors too ^^

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