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  • Hello everyone how are you?

    I hope you are fine.

    Let's get our hands dirty

    So I have a platform game with a problem.

    When I press jump the animation should change which it is

    But when it collides with the ground it should stop which also works

    The problem is when it collides with the ground and either left or right

    is pressed the jumping animation won't stop

  • It can be fixed easily by replacing the "when megaman jump animation is not playing" with "when megaman is on ground"

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Good one, Gelidaer.

    geniusrko, I'd like to add on a few things:

    1. You might consider upgrading to CC r2. It's stable now.

    2. The following events will allow you to do two things;

    *It will allow you to change between left and right animation angles while in the air.

    *By using angles to handle right and left sprite positions, it will allow you to eliminate the extra animation tiers you have, thus allowing you to conserve some memory. This will leave you with just three animation tiers instead of six:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    3. I don't recall any of the MegaMan games on NES having bunny hop jumping but you'll have to correct me if I'm wrong. If that's correct, you'll want to uncheck the "Allow Bunny Hop" attribute under "Platform Behavior" in the properties column to the left of the screen.

    Here is a .cap of all of this. Keep in mind it's done in CC r2:

  • Thank you both for your help.

    I would be happier if you could help again.

    I have another problem when I shoot something "CTRL button"

    the animation does'nt function right

  • You'll have to explain what's wrong with it exactly, i.e. what it's doing or not doing that you want it to do or not do. I know it probably seems like it should be obvious, and yes I can see a strange thing occurring, but we have to be sure of what you're wanting.

    Just a question; but is it really necessary to split an animation for one character up into two different event sheets? I know that some people use include event sheet for a number of different purposes (and many of them seem unnecessarily over-complicating to be honest), but I'm not sure I understand why you'd do that for this? Can you explain? I ask because I'm not sure what direction you're going in with your event method in this .cap.

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  • When I shoot megaman seems to jump which he mus not.

    I hope it's all clear now.

    Thanks for your precious time.

  • Okay, but what about the other question I was asking about the event sheet split up for one animated character? I'm just trying to understand what you're doing there.

  • You can change it as you like. I'm not using it for anything

    It's just a demo

  • I've figured it out. Just give me a few moments to upload the .cap.


    Some notes:

    -This .cap had two problems. The first one is that the character would jump while in idle position. The second is that the character would jump while shooting.

    -After examining the event code, there was no reason why the unwanted jumping was happening, and so I diagnosed it as a glitch.

    -The glitch appeared to be caused by the "idleNshoot" and the "jump" animation tier. So I removed those, and then put them back in fresh.

    -I took all of the event codes you had, and made some new ones, and compiled them all into one event sheet.

    -I then took all of the events and separated them into two groups: One group for the basic run/jump/idle animations, and the second group for shooting.

    -I saw what you were trying to do with the wait object, but the input method was ineffective because it wasn't attached to another event. So, in order to get the 'idleNshoot' animation tier to play when you press the 'control' key and hold itself for a period, I used the function of enabling/disabling groups. When you press 'control' it will stop the run/jump/idle group animations and commands from playing, and the wait object will cause things to delay for 500ms and then 'run/jump/idle' group will be enabled. This happens very quickly. This also allowed me to get the shooting animation timing to be closer to what it looks like in MegaMan, but you'll have to tinker around with it to get it just right to how you want it.

    You might also consider using the Wait object to duplicate the MegaMan shooting limit (I believe you can only shoot 3 lazers shot for a period and then you have to wait for a short period before you can fire again, but I'm basing that on the NES version).

  • I know I'm getting a little annoying here (or way too much!!!).

    But how about falling?

    i can't get it to work

  • This event will make him run the fall animation:

    Event = MegaMan: is falling -> Action = MegaMan: Set animation to "fall"

  • well when doing this the run animation and collision detectiong is all messed up

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