platformer specific?

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  • hello!

    My name is hermann kayode and i discovered construct 2 recently(today)

    i'd like to know if i can made a specific platformer concept wich is more a reflexion game than a classical plateformer

    There will not be ennemies , but only obstacles(moving obstacles or rotate)

    The concept is about moving a character wich will light plateforms of the scene.

    The player should light all the plateforms of the scene to trigger the next stage.

    The lighting of plateform will be just a change between two textures, one dark and one lightened

    The problem is that i dont know how to do that.

    With tutorial , i can do a classical stuff , but how to set that.

    Also will be able to insert movies(.mov, or .avi) in my game?

  • Construct2 doesn't currently offer all the behaviors of Construct Classic, so it would be a bit more difficult, but certainly possible. Sounds like you should try Construct Classic, you could build a rough of that idea in an afternoon!

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  • I see

    i'm downloading construct2


    i'll pick classic

    hop it' will work.

    thanks for answer!

  • I'll finally pick construct 2 i think

    i'll try anyway , construct classic is a bit buggy

    i hope a additionnal add-on for .EXE on construct 2

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