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  • Hello,

    I am trying my hand at a platform game and all the tutorials have been really useful (especially deadeye's).

    But there is one problem. It's quite simple: my character moves but is not animated, alhtough I have set the necessary events and actions(i think).

    I will post the .cap in the upload forum, right?


  • You need to include your event sheet in the Event Sheet Editor.

    Right click, setelct "Include Event Sheet" then pick your Animation events.

    You also have two "Right is down + NOT Left is down" conditions. Also, your 180 degree animations (for left) are empty. Oh, and your animation is way too fast .

    Otherwise your animation seems to work okay.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks a lot, it helped! Quite funny how fast it moved.

    One more stupid question: how can I lay the tiles so that they wouldn't overlap, using the invisible Ground sprite?

    edit: I see that you're using some sort of a grid, hmm, this could be it.

    edit2: yep.

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  • It's me again.

    Can anyone have a look at my last post in my upload thread:

    I added an enemy based on deadeye's enemy from Platform school. I want it to move horizontally and I want it destroyed by jumping on it. But the enemy sprite does not even spawn. I think the problem is in the "DroidSpwan" sprite.


  • First off, you need not be so literal when following my tutorial... you say you want to spawn "DoomBox" on layer "Main," but you have no Doombas and you have no "Main" layer . Why not call the hitbox for your droid "droidBox?" And you should tell the droids to spawn on, say, your "action" layer.

    That problem aside, I think the issue is that instead of just creating an event sheet to control your droids, you created a whole new blank layout and used that event sheet instead. I think there's some conflict with that blank layout.

    Delete the layout and event sheet, and start from scratch with a fresh sheet that's not attached to a layout. Hopefully that will fix it.

  • Alright, I got rid of that mess and started the enemy event from scratch. Now trying to just get it moving - no combat.

    What now happens is that I see all three objects "droidBox", "Droid" and "droidSpawn" on the layout and the "droidBox moves along with me and the other two are still. Although I put my droidBox and Droid in a container.

    Oh, and when I include my new enemy event sheet in the Event Sheet Editor and hit play, I get an error.

    I hope I'm not bugging you too much and I appreciate all the help.

  • The enemy's hitbox is moving because it's a platform object and you haven't disabled it. The droid isn't lining up with the droidbox because you haven't told it to. Those are commands that are in your droid's ai sheet, which you haven't included... so it makes sense that they wouldn't follow them.

    And yeah, when I include your event sheet I get the crash too. Honestly, I have no idea why it's crashing. It's doing the exact same thing as before. It really shouldn't be crashing, but it is...

    I get this error when I debug it:

    <img src="">

    Action 1 of event 2 is the action to spawn a droidbox. (It says instance 2 of 2 because I made a copy of droidspaw.) You're going to have to report this as a bug, I guess. I don't know what's up.

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