Platform RTS pathfinding

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  • Hello, I'm currently working on an RTS that takes place in a platformer dimension, and being the man I am, I'm stuck on pathfinding. I'd prefer not to use zones, and gap avoidance is necessary. I will use zones if need be.

    Oh, and I have no capx file, seeing as the last attempt crashed my computer.

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  • Ah, perhaps I could explain better. I want X unit to go to x coordinate by clicking on x coordinate. X unit will have to move like a unit, and not some hovery blob of physics defying force.

  • Also, is there anyway to only apply an event to items that have the same global condition and value?

  • Platform pathfinding is pretty tricky, especially using something like RTS behavior/A* pathfinding I'd think. Might be easier to do it by hardcoded waypoints along the map giving the AI a little "choice".

    And not sure there, do you mean to apply an event only to objects that have the same private variable as a global variable?

  • Object a, b, and c all have the private variable "Selected?", I need an event string that will only call those with the variable set to true or "1" to action. So if A and B are selected, but not C, A and B would follow set actions, but not C

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