Platform movement broken?

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  • I want to know if anyone else is noticing problems with the platform movement.

    Sometimes my character will "reappear" underneath or above a platform they are pressing against. It's very odd...Also noticed if the char. is falling from high above, they can fall right through solids!


  • Can't say I've noticed, but I haven't worked on Chamber in the last update or two of Construct. Plan to get back into it after deadeye finishes the comp and puts his new PC together (if it ever arrives). Might have to test it out in the new version and see if anything breaks.


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  • I've been using the platform movement a lot with the latest build and I haven't noticed any issues like that.

    The only problem I've come across is when I put Platform behavior on my enemies they often don't report when they're squarely on the ground so they keep on showing their "falling" animation even when they're walking. It's on my list of bugs to report. I had to make a workaround with foot detectors to fix the issue.

    If your character is falling through solids, make sure your solid objects are thick enough to detect when the character's speed gets really high.

  • funny i tried to simulate the said problems in a quick test cap but couldn't!


    that means I have a bug to find.... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Wold anyone be able to take a look at this cap and explain why the platform movement is acting weird?

    If I press against the wall and jump and turn the character ends up atop the wall of beneath it!

    And when moving left, the detector stops short in front of the the wall (yet does not happen when going right)

    <img src="">

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